Taylor Swift Townhomes

It was all by design…
When one of our clients asked us to come up with a unique theme for a couple of his large downtown units, we couldn’t help but strongly suggest these homes be dedicated to the mastermind of them all, Taylor Swift. Complete with 13 easter eggs, of course.
In the first unit – The Cardigan (Taylor’s Version) – each room offers a unique interpretation of select albums or songs through interior design and includes subtle nods to the Swift eras as a whole.
In the second unit, we took a…colorful…approach and went in a totally different direction. Leaning on an overall retro feel, we loosely fashioned this space after the home featured in her “Lover” music video, hence the name: The Lover House (Taylor’s Version).
…Are you ready for it?

To book The Cardigan, follow this link.
To book The Lover House, follow this link.

The rest of the world was black and white
But [this house is] screaming color…

The Cardigan

(Taylor’s Version)

The Lover House

(Taylor’s Version)